Hands-on Anthropology and Storytelling
Step into anthropological storytelling

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Hands-on Anthropology and DAY (Do Anthropology Yourself) emerge from the larger interest of a group of anthroplogists based in Vrije Univesiteit Amsterdam.

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We believe in engaged anthropology and how our scientific attempts are entagled with the people and regions where we conduct research and speak about. We suggest that anyone within the institution of universities has to do anthropology themselves, be it a student of Bussiness Administration or be it someone from Medical sciences.  Off course, you need to conduct ethnography to practice DAY and where we would be without the stories that shape our ethnographies? We suggest that everyone with interest in how social life works and where culture comes from must do anthropology themselves. Everyone needs to evoke the anthropologist within to be able to understand how people exprience their lives and lives of others.


Be Quiet, we are telling stories ... we are entering a soul
— Thoma Mann