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Courses Update

Courses Update

Storytelling through the senses (Block One Assignment)


In the summer school, we try to engage with the realities differently. So we take you to a mini-ethnography trip that you find inspirations to write your stories. Although, our interest is that you snap out of your skin via the sensations and ethnography of the senses. So you should tell us what did you sense and how did you sense it during the trip. The practice of sensory ethnography is an attempt in making nonfiction based on the idea that the social and cultural meanings do not emerge only from languages and partly they appear from our state of being in the world. The sensory ethnography takes advantage of the fact that our cognitive awareness – conscious as well as unconscious – consists of multiple strands of signification, woven of shifting fragments of imagery, sensation and malleable memory (may be look here:  https://earroom.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/ernst-karel/ ).

Please download here the description of your assignment and what you have to do for telling us a good story. Please, click here

Younes Saramifar